I have been writing since I was ten years old, so for a while now.

In 1999, I launched Street Saint Publications with my first novel “Rapunzel Meets Santa Claus in Hell“.

You can also check out my column “Tom Boyle’s Name Dropping with Tom Boyle, by Tom Boyle” for entertaining looks into pop culture and My D.I.Y. Heroes.

In addition to writing, I have edited several books for Tavius Dyer at Tavius.org, the Street Saint books and more.

As well as the written word, I do graphic and web design, draw cartoons, and photograph anything and everything. I will be featuring some of the work here and at Tom Boyle Media.  I am a partner in, and the designer for, the company Offbeat Mixed Media, which features Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweat Shirts, Hats, Mugs and other products featuring original artwork.

Email me.

Check out my Recent Posts for some entertainment!

 Check out my Resume / Portfolio here: boyle2014


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